MBO FIBER LASER FT- High precision fiber laser engraving machine

5.450,00 15.500,00  VAT excl

  • High quality F-theta lens for precise engraving.
  • Galvanometric head for optimal performance.
  • EZCAD2.14.11 software for intuitive control.
  • Taiwan Meanwell/HF power supply for reliable operation.
  • Air cooling system for efficient operation.

Objetivo de Campo

Incluye F-theta 110x110mm. Selecciona más lentes si lo deseas.

Product price: 5.450,00  VAT excl
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Discover our advanced fiber laser engraving machine, designed to deliver pinpoint precision and exceptional stable performance. With cutting-edge technical features, this machine guarantees high-quality engraving results on a wide variety of materials.

Featured Features:

  • F-theta Lens: Choose from a variety of lens sizes, including 110x110mm (optional: 70x70mm, 110x110mm, 150x150mm, 175x175mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm) to meet your specific engraving needs.
  • Galvanometric head: Get optimal engraving performance thanks to the high-quality galvanometric head.
  • EZCAD2.14.11 Software: Control and customize your engraving designs intuitively with easy-to-use software.
  • Power Supply: Rely on Taiwan Meanwell/HF power supply for reliable and stable operation.
  • Gross power: 600W.
  • Voltage: AC 110V/220V 50/60HZ.
  • Laser wavelength: 1064nm.
  • Repetition precision: ±0.003mm.
  • Engraving speed: ≤9000mm/s.
  • Minimum line width: 0.01mm.
  • Character size: 0.5-110mm.
  • Cooling system: Air cooling.
  • Cable length: 3m (optional: 5m).
  • Machine net weight: 45kg (20W-60W), 65kg (70-120W).



Possible Applications: This fiber laser marking machine is perfect for a wide range of applications, such as permanent marking on plastics, metals and other materials. Whether in the advertising industry, promotional gifts, identification and coding of parts, jewelry, costume jewelry or small signage, our machine provides speed, productivity and an unmatched return on investment.


Materials: You can mark a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, coating materials, rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper and more.

Product options:

  • Raycus 20W (Model: RMBO-P20QS)
  • Raycus 30W (Model: RMBO-P30QS)
  • Raycus 50W (Model: RMBO-P50QB)
  • Raycus 60W (Model: RMBO-P60QB)
  • Raycus 70W (Model: RMBO-P70QA)
  • Raycus 100W (Model: RMBO-P100QA)
  • JPT MOPA 20W (Model: YDMBOPC-20-M7-S)
  • JPT MOPA 30W (Model: YDMBOPC-30-M7-S)
  • JPT MOPA 60W (Model: YDMBOP-60-M7-L1-R
  • JPT MOPA 80W (Model: YDMBOP-80-M7-L1-R)
  • JPT MOPA 100W (Model: YDMBOP-100-M8-L1-R)
  • JPT MOPA 120W (Model: YDMBOP-120-M7-L1-R)

These product options allow you to choose the right power and laser model for your specific needs.

We hope that our high precision fiber laser engraving machine will be the perfect solution for your engraving projects on a wide range of materials. With its exceptional performance, pinpoint accuracy and ease of use, you can achieve professional, long-lasting results. Get the highest engraving quality with our fiber laser engraving machine!

Additional information

Power in watts

100, 120, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80

F-theta Lens

110x110mm (opcional: 70x70mm, 110x110mm, 150x150mm, 175x175mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm)

Galvanometric Head

High quality


Original EZCAD2.14.11

Power Supply

Taiwan Meanwell/HF

Gross power



AC 110V/220V 50/60HZ

laser wavelength


Repeatability Accuracy


Engraving Speed


Ancho de línea mínimo


Character Size


Cooling System

Air Cooling

Cable length

3m, 5m

Net weight of the machine

45kg (20W-60W)

Power supply

JPT, Raycus


No, Yes


Closed, Open

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