Cyborg X-300 desktop CNC

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The Cyborg X-300 makes professional engraving a reality. Increase your efficiency, create your layout and start recording in minutes.

Cyborg machines are built with quality parts and components, ensuring that each one is assembled with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.


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CNC - Cyborg X-300 - Desktop milling machine

Engraving CNC Milling Machine

Efficient engraving

The Cyborg X-300 is a professional and versatile engraving machine, built to meet the highest industry standards. Let yourself be surprised by its superior quality and its possibilities. Create perfect, long-lasting engravings.


Engraving expert: Cyborg X-300

With the Cyborg X-300, professional engraving becomes a reality. Increase your efficiency, design and record in minutes. Get started easily with simple settings and intuitive software!

Smart and solid design

The new Cyborg X-300 combines a solid build with ingenious features. Although its standard work area is 300 x 200 mm, its open bed design allows the insertion of longer or taller plates with ease. In addition, it offers the option to easily change the standard engraving table for a self-centering vice or vacuum table.

Increase productivity

With the Cyborg X-300, flexibility reaches new heights. Start creating your plates whenever you need and record them quickly and easily. Minimize delivery times and increase your productivity, because the Cyborg X-300 is ready to work at any time.

High performance engraving software

Symmetry, our engraving software, stands out as the most powerful and professional package for 2D engraving. From simple to the most complex designs, Symmetry allows you to create without complications or steep learning curves. With features like the ability to work with multiple boards, CSV file import, automatic serial number generation, detailed positioning, G-code export, and much more, Symmetry has it all.

Premium quality

Building an excellent machine is our hallmark. Our machines meet the most rigorous quality standards and pass all resistance tests with ease. We stand behind our experience of more than 35 years in this machine. A Cyborg recorder will be your reliable companion for many years to come. This is our commitment.

Engraving efficiency

Introducing the Cyborg X-300, a professional and adaptable engraving machine designed to exceed the most demanding industry standards. Discover its exceptional quality and infinite possibilities. Create precise, long-lasting engravings with ease.

Powerful engraving software

Discover Symmetry, our new engraving software that allows you to create precise, detailed designs on a variety of surfaces. Although easy to use, Symmetry offers a wide range of features that you won’t find in any other engraving platform.

Easy to use

The Cyborg X-300 is an intuitive and user-friendly engraving machine. Are you a newbie or an experienced engraver? With a brief introduction, anyone can start working with the X-300 and create stunning prints.

Ingenious accessories

The X-300 offers a wide variety of practical and functional accessories. In addition to its optional self-centering jaw with multiple fasteners, it has additional tools that make it easy to engrave medals, pens and small items with precision and efficiency.

Additional information


AC 110V/220V 50/60HZ

Work area

200 x 300 mm

X - movimiento

Fiberglass timing belt

Y - movimiento

Fiberglass Double Timing Belt

Z-axis Travel

30 mm (1.18 inch)


5.000 – 20.000 RPM

Motor del mandril

Brushless DC Servo with HAL Control

Mill size

3,17 x 125 mm

Maximum board size

200 mm x ∞

Maximum Y plate size

300 mm x ∞

Origin point

9 origin points available (programmable)

X - resolution

1.500 microsteps / mm

Y - resolution

1.500 microsteps / mm

Z - resolución

5.000 microsteps / mm

Z spindle nut


Net weight of the machine

27 kg

Dimensions (A, B, C)

535 x 650 x 300 mm

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